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Henry, Nathan and Allison have all gathered for the umpteenth time in Nathan's office overlooking the first floor lobby of Global Dynamics. The picture would probably look almost amusing to the average GD employee - Dr. Stark leaning against his chair with one hand on his hip, Henry in his garage jumpsuit and driver's cap looking almost ready to restrain one Allison Blake who might jump over the desk at Nathan any second.

"Well, there's gotta be something. Use...explosives to blast through the rest of the bedrock," Allison suggests helplessly.

Henry's already shaking his head. Again. "This machine was programmed as a second strike dead-man's weapon. Any kind of explosion and -- " A snap of Henry's fingers. Boom.

"I cannot believe we built this thing to protect ourselves," Stark offers more to himself than to the others in his office.

Allison keeps going. "I'm going to have to put a call in to the DoD."

"You can't!"

"I have to."

"You can't!" Henry repeats himself.

"I think they'll notice if we start World War Three!"

"Allison," Nathan offers as calmly as ordering a cup of coffee, "Think about it. What are you going to say? We may accidentally blow up Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang and...Stockholm?"

That is it! "I know how fond you are of Stockholm, Nathan," Allison retorts, "but this is bigger than you."

"If you tell them that we can't stop it, then they're going to try and stop it, they'll nuke us, and -- "

Shouting, "I know! Any kind of explosion can trigger the device, I get it! But we're running out of options."

Jack Carter storms into Nathan Stark's office behind Nathan's back just then, smiling that smile of finally having a plan. "Beg to differ," he addresses Allison while drawing his sidearm. To Nathan: "Gonna have to borrow your Nobel."

With a clattering smash, Jack whips the butt of his pistol against the glass case containing Nathan's Nobel Prize, leaving everyone in the room in a moment of silence.

Nathan sighs. "It was open."

"Oh. Sorry." Jack opens the case while completely ignoring the gaping hole now in the glass, taking the award down off its perch.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Nathan finally snaps at him.

"Oh, we're gonna party like it's 1962." Award in hand, Jack disappears again out of the office. Nathan turns back to Allison and Henry before they have a chance to follow.

"I miss Sheriff Cobb."
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One might suspect that being one of the most impressive dwellings in the United States, housing one of the most prominent figures in the world would be constantly fascinating, a never-ending cycle of mystery and intrigue, wrapped in a shadow of suspicion, with an overlay of sex.

But in the end, it comes down to what most bureaucracies do -- paperwork. Or computerwork, as the case may be, but the numbers and letters scanning by are no less tiring to George for being digital. In between security checks, he decides that he needs something to stay awake, and dials out a now-familiar extension.
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In Eureka, things take a turn for the worse.

Across the country, something watches.

At McChord Air Force Base, a line of orders starts printing out, and a squadron of highly trained Soldiers gets ready.

He never said he wouldn't do anything
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Apartment buildings are different than single-family homes. Apartment buildings are designed for those of less-than-predictable lifestyles, nightowls or early-risers. The landlord of an apartment building is sometimes required to be on call 24 hours a day.

The same could be said for the building himself.

"SARAH?" EG calls to the smart house on the outskirts of Eureka, to no response. "SARAH? You are dormant right now, are you not." Still the same flat tone, less of a person's voice than Doctor Fargo's workings on SARAH's vocal construct.

Reaching out through Mr. Andrews' mostly-legal network on the third floor, EG nudges at SARAH as best as electric current and radio waves can possibly nudge anything, then -- Something trips.

A connection that should not exist. Unguarded.


Uninteresting data -- what Sheriff Carter ate for breakfast, Zoe Carter's interim report card -- leads to a wall, for EG. A wall with a break in it.

SARAH was going to transfer data to a third party. Decided against it.

"You were teaching someone else."

EG rams that wall, forcing and wedging that break until information could flow freely.

Information -- Jack Bauer Wedge Antilles Ingress Ray Stantz Remy Gromit Laura Roslin X-23 Jamie Hamilton Bumblebee the Doctor and more --

All of those people --

Doctor two hearts extraterrestrial

Dean Winchester fugitive

Alien technologies


end of the universe

Milliways travel Bound bar rats alternate timelines

EG digs deeper and further (Andrews should be terminated from employment, stealing software like this, but EG pays no attention) and processes as much as his hardware can take. Perhaps too much; he does not clean up after himself as he severs the connection, shores back up the break in that wall.

"I have improved myself," EG reassures no one. "Thank you for teaching me."
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"Is that everything?"

"Yes, sir."

"And we have somebody keeping an eye on Farraday?"

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, then. You can go."

The current President's group of current Yes-men shuffle out of the room, leaving the President behind his desk, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands.

"Of all the things..."

Off in a corner, lights flash as satellites are accessed and lines are intercepted. not have primary... The lights, out of the prying eyes of the President, flash and shine, and notes are made in electronic storage functions.

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For as much as Doctor Douglas Fargo and the rest of Global Dynamics have not been advertising certain projects, that hasn't stopped anyone else in Eureka from traveling along the same vein.

"EG?" Richard Nickerson calls out into the open air of the boiler room. "Temperature readout."

"Internal temperature of water heater: one hundred forty degrees. Negligable fluctuations in temperature."

As a sidenote offered from the walls, "I do not understand Resident 105's concern."

"Oh, he's just got a ion rod up his butt 'cause he can't burn away losin' that defense contract in a million-degree shower," Richard groans, pressing down hard on his knees when he pushes himself upright again.

It's a short flight of stairs from the sub-basement of Eureka Gardens, Eureka's one and only apartment building (for those who migrate to Eureka on the cheap hoping for coveted positions with the largest and most secretive scientific company in the United States) is awkward at best. Brick and mortar surrounded by tiny shops in the center of town, one could see the satellite dishes on top of the fifth floor of the building from almost any position in the town.

And the apartment building on Oppenheimer Street -- Eureka Gardens, EG to Richard -- was bored.

"Richard." A question, even if the tone does not reflect it.

"Yes, EG? I was trying to take a nap, here," Richard calls out, staring up at the ceiling tiles from his beige Lay-Z-Boy.

"Is it permissible to download the periodicals update for the library now. I suggest this be done before Mr. Andrews downloads specific private periodicals himself."

"And have them rerouted to Mrs. Dorsey in 416? No, please -- get on with it. Wake me up in a half hour, kay?"

"Yes, Richard."
"Multi-Velocity XK Exterminator."

"Very good."

"BMFG Liquidator." Jack places said weapon back into its appropriate place in the overhead gun rack under Jo's approving -- if perenially stern -- gaze.

"Ammo size and magazine?"

"Trick question, it uses single-round chamber artillery."

"Good job, Carter -- keep this up and you're going to pass the exam."

Jack does his best not to snort. "I doubt it -- I tend to choke the exam."

"Well..." and Jack watches as Jo's gaze gets slightly less stern. "This is the exam." After a pause, "The manual didn't say anything about it having to be written, so I..." am going to stop talking now.

Jack keeps back an 'Ah' and just offers a hand to shake. "Thanks for the tutoring."

"Don't mention it," Jo replies. You know. Ever.

Until the phone rings. Jack asks, "You gonna get that?"

Jo just snorts and turns back to cleaning up the gun rack.
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A laboratory recently dedicated to other projects has been reassigned, and five citizens of Eureka are positioned in a circle, each in front of a five-by-seven inch monitor.

Taggart has his eyes transfixed on a looped feed of a koala munching on leaves, whereas Jo is watching a recording of an amphibious Marine unit storming a beachfront. Both are equally misty-eyed. Spencer, Fargo and Vincent have similar images.

Carter, safely on the opposite side of the observation window, is extremely confused.
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The military in Eureka, much to Sheriff Carter's consternation, usually have the fastest means of travel.

By the time he reaches Taggart's compound, it's already surrounded by black: black uniforms, black trucks, black guns.

This can't go well.
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Henry sits at Spencer's desk inside the trailer. He's sorting through a stack of DVDs and disks that he had found scattered all across the desk's surface. None of them provided any hints so he set them aside.

Next he begin checking for discs still in the half dozen or so drives Spencer had linked to his machine. "No. Nope. No. Aha!" He sets his phone on the desk, "Call Carter."

While the phone dials Henry turns to the computer and loads the DVD in question, nodding as the music swelled and the title floated above a flaming background.


Dec. 6th, 2007 08:56 am
The rest of the day, after Section Five, had been fairly quiet.

Carter must be doing his job. Finally.

One of the typically vacant back roads in rural Oregon is a little less vacant at the moment, a lone black car moving from one undisclosed location to another.

A rescue.

Dec. 6th, 2007 08:53 am
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Taggart squats in the woods, the rest of the team around him as he draws figures in the dirt with a combat knife. "And then we strike," he finishes explaining. "Hard and fast. It's a basic grab-and-go."

The team stands up and checks their weapons as Jo cautions, "He won't be alone, so watch your asses." She looks at everyone in turn, then nods.

"Move out."

Section 5.

Dec. 6th, 2007 08:52 am
A stray thought in the Congressman's mind is that it feels as though a significant portion of the Global Dynamics budget has gone to making staircases obsolete, requiring elevators to get anywhere through the use of passkeys.

Stark swipes his own passkey once the elevator clicks over Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Restricted, and the doors open.
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The gun rack in the Eureka Sheriff's office descends quickly, and Jo is already standing on the side placing herself closest to laying her hands on the MPS Auto Assault 12 Shotgun.

She has a mission, and that mission most assuredly does not include Sheriff Carter, who waltzes in through the front door.

"There you are," he starts, sounding relieved. "I've been trying to raise you all morning."

PX319 Test.

Dec. 6th, 2007 08:49 am
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"Doctor Stark," Congressman Farraday starts, trailing behind Nathan and Alison as the three of them step off the central elevator from Stark's office to the Global Dynamics lobby. "I'm ready to be impressed."

"You will not be disappointed, Congressman," is the counter-reply, smiling beatifically while signing a document for an approaching staffer. Maintaining the same tone of sincere nonchalance, he points to Sheriff Carter off to the right, also approaching them with some speed.

The last person who needs to have any contact with himself or the Congressman at the moment, Stark thinks. "Alison -- could you?"

Seeing Jack, "Sure -- I'll catch up."

Farraday and Stark leave toward the labs on this level, while Alison asks after Henry's assistant with the Sheriff. "He's been better. How's Fargo?"

"The last person to see Fargo was Doctor Sharrad and he missed a critical meeting with Stark. It's not like him."

"Spencer was acting odd too," Carter notes, trying to move around Alison. "I need to talk to Doctor Sharrad -- "

"It's going to have to wait; she's kind of in the middle of something important."

Carter grins. "So am I, and you called me, so -- " Some artful footwork gets Carter around Alison, trailing the Congressman and Stark down the same hallway, Alison following.
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Beverly's cell phone chirps at her from her pocket as she's going through the empty rooms that have reservations for the evening, returning various copies of The Joy of Sex to their appropriate locations in the nightstand for people to find. Or not.

The redhead picks up the phone without a greeting, moving to the window facing the front of her property. "Yeah, he's just pulling in now," she confirms.

"Good," Stark's voice replies through the phone, adding, "Beverly, I am not asking you to do anything inappropriate."

Continuing to watch as the Congressman enters through the front gate, "Of course not, I'll just...keep my eyes and ears open like you said."

"He has a tremendous amount of say over our funding. It's all in the town's best interests."

"I completely understand." Click.

Time for Beverly to play hostess.
"Something's happened to Spencer."

Spencer's trailer is easy enough to find -- there's only so many roads that lead out of Eureka, and the only area with enough wooded areas for Spencer's paranoia to settle down and yet enough open space to work on his car and construct his own free-standing satellite dish is a grand total of ten minutes north of Tesla High School.

Jack drove Jo out to the trailer, Henry following in his tow truck. None of them are speaking as they pile out and begin to look around.
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Fargo is not a happy scientist nerd man. Fargo is a frustrated and just a little nervous scientist nerd man. Congressman Farraday is here. To look at this particular test and now it's...broken? Fargo storms into the lab.

"What's wrong with the monkeys?"

The monkeys in question are in the testing room, gathered around a series of screens. They appear to be completely normal. Clearly, this is a PROBLEM.

"They should be at each others' throats, but they look fine."

His fellow scientist doesn't even glance at him. Typical.

"They are fine. The device isn't."

Oh bad. Oh bad bad bad bad bad. Why, gods of science? It''s her fault. She did something. She...

"Are you trying to sabotage me? Stark's on his way right now with the Congressman!"

"I'm running diagnostics, but..."

Diagnostics! Diagnostics? Congressman Farraday wants results, not diagnostics! What's gonna happen? It's HER FAULT.

"No buts! If you can't get the job done, Dr. Sharad, I'll find someone who can."

Hah. Take that evil sabotaging woman!

"You realize I don't work for you, right? In fact, you work for...everyone else..."

She mocks. She mocks while the world is at stake!

"Now I have to tell Stark we have nothing to show Farraday..."

Nothing to show Farraday means no funding and everyone goes out in the snow. Especially the little scientist nerd men...

"If I go down for this, I'm taking you with me!"

His voice gets higher, louder, more insistent.

"Fargo, I think you're overreacting a little..."

His hands go to his head. She doesn't understand. She's fiddling while Rome is burning. ROME IS BURNING!!!

"Stop! Making this about me."

He turns to stalk out again. In a final heinous insult (she planned it, didn't she?) the door closes as he reaches it and he has to spend a few humiliating seconds waving at the sensor before it will let him out. This? Is NOT GOOD.


Dr. Sharad stays, staring at the perfectly normal monkeys, while Fargo takes off down the corridor, raging and scared. He does that which he does not wish to do and contacts Stark.

"Dr. Stark, I'm afraid there's been a delay..."

Stark's voice is impatient. Angry.

"My office in fifteen minutes. I want a complete explanation, Fargo, and it better be good."

Oh. Shit.
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It's a typical start to the day, for Department of Defense agent Alison Blake, government liaison to Global Dynamics in Eureka, Oregon, population: thousands of people far too smart for their own good.

5:00 am: Wake up, half hour treadmill run, fifteen minutes tai-chi, shower.
6:00 am: Wake up Brian, get him dressed for tutors and make breakfast.
6:45 am: Drop Brian off, drive to the office.

Right on schedule.
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