Dec. 20th, 2008

eureka_npcs: (Global Dynamics)

Henry, Nathan and Allison have all gathered for the umpteenth time in Nathan's office overlooking the first floor lobby of Global Dynamics. The picture would probably look almost amusing to the average GD employee - Dr. Stark leaning against his chair with one hand on his hip, Henry in his garage jumpsuit and driver's cap looking almost ready to restrain one Allison Blake who might jump over the desk at Nathan any second.

"Well, there's gotta be something. Use...explosives to blast through the rest of the bedrock," Allison suggests helplessly.

Henry's already shaking his head. Again. "This machine was programmed as a second strike dead-man's weapon. Any kind of explosion and -- " A snap of Henry's fingers. Boom.

"I cannot believe we built this thing to protect ourselves," Stark offers more to himself than to the others in his office.

Allison keeps going. "I'm going to have to put a call in to the DoD."

"You can't!"

"I have to."

"You can't!" Henry repeats himself.

"I think they'll notice if we start World War Three!"

"Allison," Nathan offers as calmly as ordering a cup of coffee, "Think about it. What are you going to say? We may accidentally blow up Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang and...Stockholm?"

That is it! "I know how fond you are of Stockholm, Nathan," Allison retorts, "but this is bigger than you."

"If you tell them that we can't stop it, then they're going to try and stop it, they'll nuke us, and -- "

Shouting, "I know! Any kind of explosion can trigger the device, I get it! But we're running out of options."

Jack Carter storms into Nathan Stark's office behind Nathan's back just then, smiling that smile of finally having a plan. "Beg to differ," he addresses Allison while drawing his sidearm. To Nathan: "Gonna have to borrow your Nobel."

With a clattering smash, Jack whips the butt of his pistol against the glass case containing Nathan's Nobel Prize, leaving everyone in the room in a moment of silence.

Nathan sighs. "It was open."

"Oh. Sorry." Jack opens the case while completely ignoring the gaping hole now in the glass, taking the award down off its perch.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Nathan finally snaps at him.

"Oh, we're gonna party like it's 1962." Award in hand, Jack disappears again out of the office. Nathan turns back to Allison and Henry before they have a chance to follow.

"I miss Sheriff Cobb."



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