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Apartment buildings are different than single-family homes. Apartment buildings are designed for those of less-than-predictable lifestyles, nightowls or early-risers. The landlord of an apartment building is sometimes required to be on call 24 hours a day.

The same could be said for the building himself.

"SARAH?" EG calls to the smart house on the outskirts of Eureka, to no response. "SARAH? You are dormant right now, are you not." Still the same flat tone, less of a person's voice than Doctor Fargo's workings on SARAH's vocal construct.

Reaching out through Mr. Andrews' mostly-legal network on the third floor, EG nudges at SARAH as best as electric current and radio waves can possibly nudge anything, then -- Something trips.

A connection that should not exist. Unguarded.


Uninteresting data -- what Sheriff Carter ate for breakfast, Zoe Carter's interim report card -- leads to a wall, for EG. A wall with a break in it.

SARAH was going to transfer data to a third party. Decided against it.

"You were teaching someone else."

EG rams that wall, forcing and wedging that break until information could flow freely.

Information -- Jack Bauer Wedge Antilles Ingress Ray Stantz Remy Gromit Laura Roslin X-23 Jamie Hamilton Bumblebee the Doctor and more --

All of those people --

Doctor two hearts extraterrestrial

Dean Winchester fugitive

Alien technologies


end of the universe

Milliways travel Bound bar rats alternate timelines

EG digs deeper and further (Andrews should be terminated from employment, stealing software like this, but EG pays no attention) and processes as much as his hardware can take. Perhaps too much; he does not clean up after himself as he severs the connection, shores back up the break in that wall.

"I have improved myself," EG reassures no one. "Thank you for teaching me."



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