PX319 Test.

Dec. 6th, 2007 08:49 am
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"Doctor Stark," Congressman Farraday starts, trailing behind Nathan and Alison as the three of them step off the central elevator from Stark's office to the Global Dynamics lobby. "I'm ready to be impressed."

"You will not be disappointed, Congressman," is the counter-reply, smiling beatifically while signing a document for an approaching staffer. Maintaining the same tone of sincere nonchalance, he points to Sheriff Carter off to the right, also approaching them with some speed.

The last person who needs to have any contact with himself or the Congressman at the moment, Stark thinks. "Alison -- could you?"

Seeing Jack, "Sure -- I'll catch up."

Farraday and Stark leave toward the labs on this level, while Alison asks after Henry's assistant with the Sheriff. "He's been better. How's Fargo?"

"The last person to see Fargo was Doctor Sharrad and he missed a critical meeting with Stark. It's not like him."

"Spencer was acting odd too," Carter notes, trying to move around Alison. "I need to talk to Doctor Sharrad -- "

"It's going to have to wait; she's kind of in the middle of something important."

Carter grins. "So am I, and you called me, so -- " Some artful footwork gets Carter around Alison, trailing the Congressman and Stark down the same hallway, Alison following.



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